seaside space oddity (seasidestarlet) wrote in seven_endless,
seaside space oddity

Hello there! I'm Elizabeth. Anyhow, I'm new & I come bearing dollies I made of the Endless! :)

{I couldn't find anything resembling a cloak or a book for Destiny, so I had to improvise}

{I like how Death turned out, but I hate her pants}

{I love how Morpheus turned out! The eyes are my favourite}

{Destruction came out pretty well too, I must say. I love the hair!}

{Hee. The way I made Desire was really rather amusing. I had selected the boy dollmaker for Desire & had originally wanted to put Desire in a suit, but I didn't see one I liked, so I picked a coat & pants out, then added the hair & the lips}

{The reason why Despair is missing an arm? Well, since she's naked, I left the doll in its underwear, which meant I couldn't get an arm for her since the arms appear when you put clothes on a doll. The only things I changed were the eyes & mouth}

{I think Delirium turned out the best. She's my favourite of the dolls & I love her hair & her expression}

I hope you liked the dollies! ♥

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