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seven_endless's Journal

The Endless: A Tribute To Neil Gaiman's famous Sev
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Welcome! This is a community catering to the interest people have in the Seven Endless. The only way I can describe them is to use another website's description:
The Endless are beings who are beyond huuman understanding. they are "The Seven, who are not prayed to, who are not gods, who were never men." The Endless are the most powerful beings in the Universe, excepting God and Lucifer Morningstar, and possibly the kind ladies. Destiny existed before everything else, and when the universe was born, so was he. When the first life evolved, Death became, followed, after some time by Dream, since things could die before they could dream. The others were created some time afterwards. The Endless are immortal. They cannot die (Well, they can, but it takes a lot). At the end of the Universe, only Death will still exist. In her own words, "When the first living thing existed, I was there, waiting. When the last living thing dies, my job will be finished. I'll put the chairs on the tables, turn out the lights and lock the universe behind me when I leave."

They also have sigils, or symbols of power. when they wish to communicate with each other, they talk through the sigil.

Destiny: the blind seer of the past, present and future. His sigil is a large, leather grimoire which contains all of history's events. He is soft-spoken, and only speaks when it is of utmost importance. His Greek name was Potmos.

Death: The short, Goth, pretty and humorous killer. You see her twice in a lifetime-at the beginning and at the end. She wears eye makeup that matches Horus and wears a large silver ankh around her neck. She can also give life, as she can bestow immortality, which she does on Hob Gadling and Mad Hettie. When leaving someone, she says "I'll be seeing you"-and it's true. The most beloved character in the series is, no doubt, Death. Her sigil is the ankh that she wears, and her Greek name was Teleute.

Dream: Morpheus, The Prince of Stories, he rules over the world known as the Dreaming, and shapes every dream that creatures have when they sleep. He is extremely loyal to his duties. He is portrayed in the comic as a dark, Byronic, moping Goth, with dark pools with starfields for eyes. He falls in love with Nada, then condemns her to eternal torment. Not really suave with the ladies, eh? Dream is essentially the Sandman, and he is basically the star of the series. When he realizes his world is about to be destroyed, he gives his hand to Death and Daniel Hall replaces him as the new Morpheus. His sigil is a helmet which was constructed from the spine and skull of a former god, and his Greek name is Oneiros.

Destruction, also known as the Prodigal-the Endless who abandoned his duties around 200 years ago when he found out about the invention of atomic energy in the 20th century. He is, in fact, a lover of life, and thinks of his job as destroying the old to in fact create new material. He is jovial, and loves to laugh. His sigil is a sword, which is now missing from the gallery as he abandoned his job, and his Greek name is Olethros.

Desire: There are three boys and three girls in the Endless, and then there is Desire. Desire is both woman and man, or neither. It is never satisfied and so continues to change sex. Everything it does is for its own good. It lives in a gigantic replica of its body called the Threshold, and is very easily insulted. It will sometimes make harsh threats against people who didn't mean any harm. Desire's sigil is a crystal heart, possibly from the time where it made Dream fall in love with Nada, and then the sun razed Nada's city to the ground, producing glass pieces shaped like hearts. Its Greek name is Epithumia.

Despair: Desire's twin. They were once a single entity, and then they were split and became Desire and Despair. This is not the original Despair, however. The original was murdered, and the new aspect became the full-blown Despair. She is dumpy, short, and toad-like, and is constantly tearing holes in her face with her hooked ring, which is also her sigil. She has the power of making anyone feel completely and utterly miserable. Her Greek name is Aponoia.

Delirium: The youngest of the Endless, Delirium was once called Delight, and lost her mind when she sense the universe was changing. She has one blue eye and one green, dyes her hair in outrageous colors, and causes madness when she sees fit. She is treated like a little kid by all of the Endless, and she acts like one most of the time. Yet behind the insanity lies true intelligence, which she displays when she has to "be". She is the only one who truly knows why she is no longer Delight, and can be extremely wise when she wants. But she is mostly content just driving Dream crazy. Her sigil is a patch of fog that is multicolored. Her Greek name is Mania.

So Enjoy!!! Some rules:
1. Please restrict talk to JUST the Endless. I'll allow talk of some people referring to the Endless, like Daniel, Orpheus, and Nada, but that's it.
2. No flaming if someone goes offtopic! Just politely say, "This is an Endless community, so we like to stick to topic." That's all you need to say! No bitching and moaning, please!
3. NO INSULTING THE ENDLESS, or I'll sic Delirium on you!
4. Talk about Neil Gaiman, the creator of these amazing people, is okay.
5. HAVE FUN!!!!

All right, now go play, my little minions!!!