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Hello all, I'm new here, but I've been a fan of The Endless, "The Sandman", and all of the great works of Neil Gaiman for years now. I'm glad to know this place exists, and look forward to being a member here. Now that I've gotten a chance to mention a little about me, I wanted to ask you all a little question, hope you don't mind...

I know that my friends and I have had this peculiar habit of using quotes from the books, or particular words and phrases, in our everyday conversations. One of mine is I've been saying squidging for a little while now... ^_^

Has anybody else found themselves doing this, or is it my own personal dysfunction? :P Seems to be more prevalent with Delirium, from what I've noticed, seeing as how she's the one that comes up with the best non-sequiters ever. :)

Thanks, L
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